Extreme Heat-wave with 43°C to affect Greece

Did you survive the heat wave over the weekend? Good. Get ready for another one, with temperatures up to 41 and even 43 degrees Celsius.

Or even higher locally. Meteorologists speak an extreme heat wave, of the “worst heat wave of the decade.”
The extreme heat wave is expected to last four days, with the hottest days to be Friday and Saturday, June 29 and July 1 2017.
Greece’s National Meteorology Service EMY issued an Orange Alert on Extreme Weather Phenomena, warning of rising temperatures that can locally reach extreme levels.
Temperatures Forecast June 28-July 2 2017

Wednesday, June 28: temperature 39° Celsius
Thursday, June 29: 40°-41° C
Friday and Saturday, June 30 – July 1: 42° possibly 43° C
Sunday, July 2: 37°-39° C in Western Greece, 40°-42° C in the rest of mainland

Islands and coastal Greece
Wed-Thu, June 28-29: 35° C
Friday and Saturday, June 30 – July 1: 36° – 38° C
Sunday, July 2: 33°-35° C in Western Greece, 37°-39° C in the rest regions

Source: www.keeptalkinggreece.com/

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