It’s probably the most social drink ever distilled.

Those who share this particular flavor, come closer, speak more easily. Ouzo is the drink of companion and confession. Ouzo is deeply connected with Greece.Ouzo drinking is an art.
But it’s not the ouzo, it’s who you drink it with that really makes the experience. The key to drinking ouzo is to eat snacks known as mezedes.These keep the effects of the alcohol from overwhelming you and enable you to sit and drink slowly for hours in a profoundly calm state of mind.
Ouzo is an ideal accompaniment for sardines and other salted seafood such as herring and anchovies, as well as for fried squid, whitebait and other small fish.
The same applies for all grilled seafood, like octopus, calamari, and certain large fish grilled with lots of sea salt. Ouzo also suits olives; olives with Ouzo is a favorite meze in olive-producing regions, such as Kalamata and Lesvos.

The name “ouzo” is patented as Greek alcoholic beverage since 1989 which means that it can be produced and named in this way only in Greece.