A very cruel Video showing a small truck dragging a dog on a road in Peloponnese outraged animal lovers all over Greece.

The truck owner keeps driving, while the body of the poor animal tied on the truck is being dragged on the rough asphalt of the land road. The dog dies a torture death.The video was shot by another driver who sent it to local media tempo24.gr. The horrible abuse took place on Oct 31, the man was arrested on Nov 2.
Animal lovers lash out at the truck driver but also at the driver who shot the almost one-minute long video without doing anything to stop the animal abuse.According to some local media,  the eye witness managed to stop the truck driver and allegedly  threatened to file a law suit against him for torturing an animal.
However, animal issues website zoosos.gr, the eye witness had not filed against the truck driver, neither had he stopped him.
Nevertheless, as animal abuse is a felony and the issue received a huge publicity, the local prosecutor intervened. Within hours, the truck driver was apprehended by men of the police station.

He claimed that he loved his dog who had fallen from the truck and that he had not realized that. When policemen asked him where was the body of the dog, he claimed he had buried him at the side of the road.

The judge accepted the dog owner’s story, the eye witness did not appear at the court, neither had he filed a law suit. The judge declared the truck driver “innocent” for animal abuse.