Many parts of Greece have been hit by a powerful low barometric phenomenon called Daedalus bringing hailstorms, heavy rain and low temperatures.The areas that have been hit the hardest are in central Greece, and in particular in the Fthiotis Region, as well as parts of the Peloponnese.
The weather system is expected to hit Athens on Wednesday, when storms as well as a substantial drop in temperature, are expected.The worst problems occurred in the area around the towns of Livanates and Arkitsa, on Tuesday evening when a heavy hailstorm caused disruption on the main highway linking Athens and Thessaloniki in northern Greece!
In Peloponnese the town of Katakolo was dressed in white following a hailstorm. The hail reached the seaside. In the town of Marathon; north-east of Athens, the heavy rainfall created chaos on the streets that eventually turned into small rivers.