Thousands of locals and visitors celebrated the First Resurrection at noon on Holy Saturday with the traditional pot smashing ritual at the center of Corfu.

According to tradition, on Holy Saturday Corfu residents decorate their windows and balconies with red flowers and then throw huge clay pots filled with red ribbons.
The pot smashing symbolizes an “earthquake” like the one that occurred when the tomb of Christ cracked open and He was resurrected.
As soon as the church bells ring at noon, every man, woman, and child participating hurl their earthenware vessels from their windows and into the streets.The noisy custom derives from the Venetians, who on New Year’s Day, would throw their old stuff – furniture, earthenware, basins, etc – out of the window in hopes that the New Year would bring them new ones.
Corfu residents adopted the custom for the most important day of Greek Orthodoxy: Resurrection Day. As for the pots, they were chosen because they make a lot of noise.