Super Blue-Blood Moon Rises over the Acropolis

Athens' Sacred Rock is captivating any day or night. But on January 31st it was further enhanced by the backdrop of the rare 'super blue blood' moon.

Greece on Best Countries list for 2018

Greece remains a very attractive country, not just tourism-wise, as a new report conducted by a USA university and a consumers’ rights firm shows.

Macedonia is GREECE! Hundreds of Thousands protested in Thessaloniki against the use of name...

A massive protest against the use of the word Macedonia by FYROM took place at the center of Thessaloniki, Greece's 2nd largest City. See photos..

Meteo Warning: Extreme weather to strike Greece, Forecast for January 12-16/2018

Greece's National Meteorological Service has issued an warning, the extreme weather front is expected to strike Greece in the next hours.

USA ranks Greece at lowest risk level for tourists

Greece ranks among the safest countries for American tourists, according to a new system recently issued for the country’s travelers by the USA.

Has Messi bought a Greek Island?

Speculation about Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi buying a Greek island in the Ionian Sea came out of the blue spreading like a virus on media!

Epiphany 2018 (the Blessing of the Waters) – A Greek Celebration Rich in Tradition...

Epiphany, also Theofania, is celebrated on January 6 and is a day of brightness, as Christians celebrate the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

Mykonos Airport in Greece is Getting a Big Update

Here's why you'll want to book a flight.

Drop everything and Buy a $383 Round-trip Flight to Italy, Greece or the Greek...

Celebrate a new year of travel by booking a cheap direct flight to Italy or Greece this winter. Flights are on sale starting at $383 round-trip!

Wizz Air plane struck by lightning while Flying on its Way to Greece (Kavala...

Panic in the Sky: Wizz Air plane was stuck by a lightning in its way Greece!

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