Top 10 Most Exotic Beaches in Greece

If you're tired of glamorous and overcrowded seaside resorts , here is our guide for 10 of the most alternative, exotic and secluded beaches in Greece!

Paxos Island: Caribbean azure meets Emerald Green

Paxoi is the smallest group of islands in the Ionian Sea. The most noteworthy in the group are Paxos & Antipaxos which have many magical places to see!

Rolling Stones private Plane lands on Skiathos Island

The Rolling Stones private jet just landed in Skiathos, sparking rumours that the entire famous band are holidaying on the popular Greek Island!

Greek Passport ranked 6 most powerful in the World

Greece has kept its sixth spot ranking regarding the most powerful passport all over the World, according to the Henley Passport Index.

Torrential Rain Floods in Thessaloniki, Greece

Streets turned into rivers and lakes, houses, businesses and buildings were flooded, motorists trapped in their cars and pedestrians were swept away...

Strong Earthquake hits Athens in Greece

An earthquake occurred at 11.50pm on Tuesday in Athens, Greece. According to the information, the vibration was 4.2 on the Richter scale!

A 112-year-old Greek Grandmother, is now the Oldest Woman in the World

The title of the Oldest woman in the World will now be given to Ekaterini Karnarou from Krestena in the Peloponnese, who is 112 years of age!

Greece and the Greek Islands set to break record with 32 million Visitors in...

Greeceā€™s Tourism Minister, told media that she expects the number of tourist arrivals this year to exceed the previous record of 30.5 million...

Snow and Sandstorm Hits Greece this Week

The weather split Greece into 2 halves as the north experienced heavy snowfall, whereas a sandstorm and mini-heatwave hit the south (Crete)...

Free entry to Acropolis Museum in Athens on March 25 to Celebrate Greece’s Independence...

The Acropolis Museum will once again celebrate Independence Day on Sunday, March 25, with free entrance to all visitors for the permanent exhibits...

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