The Mysterious Wild Cat of Greece

Crete has no dangerous animals. However, over time there have been rumours of a Cretan Lynx living in isolated areas of the White Mountains!

Kavala is Greece’s most loved Spring Destination

Set in Greece’s beautiful Macedonia, of Kavala serves as an excellent base for visiting the ancient city of Philippi and wine tastings around the mountains!

Woman rescued from Athens floods (Video)

Several hours of heavy rain and a thunderstorm in the Greek capital Athens have flooded roads and homes, caused the death of 15 people.

Herd of Cows invades Mykonos Beach (photos)

Hundreds of bathers on the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos gazed in astonishment as a herd of cows took over Kalo Livadi beach last week.

Greece’s Hachiko Waits next to Owner’s Roadside Shrine

A modern day Hachiko in Nafpaktos found a new home next to the shrine that was placed on the national road where his boss was killed.

Top 6 Greek Islands Honeymoon Destinations

Read our guide to the best romantic honeymoon destinations in Greek Islands where you and your spouse will make beautiful memories together ...

Greece has been named as one of the Safest Destinations in the World for...

Greece has made the list of the 20 safest countries in the mind of travellers and according to Freitag, the country can take a lot of advantage from that!

Sun still Shines in Greece in December

Snow hit all over Europe, creating chaotic conditions for transport while temperatures in most areas of Greece have been mild and pleasant!

The 12 best Greek islands

The best Greek Islands, whether you're looking for white sandy beaches, unspoiled island life, nightlife, relaxation, romance or history and culture...

Christmas Tree Lights Up in Athens

The Christmas season officially kicked off in Athens on Tuesday after city mayor Giorgos Kaminis lit up the Christmas tree in Syntagma square!

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