Hundreds of Santas Take Over Chania (Crete Island) for the 7th Annual Santa Run...

undreds of people dressed as Santa Claus took part in the Santa Run in Chania in an event postponed from Saturday, due to adverse weather.

The Greek Roots of Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was born Joanna Anastasakis. The famous Hollywood actress is the daughter of the Greek actor John Aniston (84).

10 Celebrities you didn’t Know were Greek descent

There are many celebrities who have Americanized their names, but they can never ... See the top 10 hollywood celebrities who are of Greek descent!

Macedonia Demonstration at United Nations in New York City (USA) on March 18

The PanMacedonian Association and the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York are planning a demonstration in NYC on March 18...

Greece’s Navy ranks top of the World

Greece’s merchant fleet has been ranked first place in the World in terms of cargo carrying capacity and in the top five ship owners globally!

Zakynthos Island marks record year in Turtle births

The Ionian island of Zakynthos looks poised for a record-breaking year in terms of births of the endangered loggerhead sea turtle this year...

4 Amazing Photos from Snowed Skopelos

For 3rd day Greece remains in “deep freeze” with snow falls and temperatures below the freezing point. See the pictures from Skopelos Island!

Paxos Island: Caribbean azure meets Emerald Green

Paxoi is the smallest group of islands in the Ionian Sea. The most noteworthy in the group are Paxos & Antipaxos which have many magical places to see!

Meteo Warning: Extreme weather to strike Greece, Forecast for January 12-16/2018

Greece's National Meteorological Service has issued an warning, the extreme weather front is expected to strike Greece in the next hours.

You Know you’re Dating a GREEK Woman when…

Do you know that Jennifer Aniston is Greek? ..this Video, you will learn some tasty Information that will help you with dating Greek women!

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