Heatwave with 40°C to hit Greece tomorrow (11/5/2020)

It will be the first heatwave of the year.

Greece Celebrates the Arrival of the Spring

Spring is (almost) in the air in Greece, and Greeks will soon begin preparations to welcome the new season by celebrating an ancient annual custom

Greece has the Largest Number of Goats in Europe!

According to t study conducted by the Eurostat, Greece is the clear EU champion — in regard to the number of goats, that is!

Tom Hanks declares his Love to Greece at Golden Globes (VIDEO)

Tom Hanks, who recently became Greece’s newest honorary citizen, was the recipient of the prestigious Cecil B. deMille Award at the 2020 Golden Globes!

Tom Hanks Becomes a Citizen of Greece

The President of Greece, on Friday, signed the official papers marking the honorary naturalization of the famous American actor and philhellene, Tom Hanks.

Lufthansa & Condor Launches New Flights to Greece for 2020

The 2 airlines will increase their presence in Greece next year. Condor and Lufthansa have both scheduled additional flights to the Greek islands for Summer 2020.

Greek Students Create device that Stops Trembling of Parkinson

Students from Thessaloniki University, created “Tremor FreeMe,” which focuses on reducing and even eliminating trembling symptoms in Parkinson.

Theopetra Cave in Greece: The Oldest human construction in the Wold

Theopetra Cave, located in the Meteora limestone rock formations of Thessaly, is likely to be the place of the oldest human construction on earth.

Stong Earthquake (5.8R) in Albania felt in Greece

A double earthquake stroke Albania on Saturday afternoon, caused panic among the locals and was felt also in North and West Greece

❤️ Pray for GREECE 🙏 Pray for Zakynthos Island 😔

Dozens of tourists were evacuated early Saturday morning from the villages Lourdata and Vlahata on Kefalonia due to wildfires raging in the area!

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