The Greek Islands Bahamas (Video)

Lichadonisia is a complex of small Islands which locals call the "Greek Bahamas".. an ecologically protected area, once inhabited, but now deserted!

10 Amazing Cave Pools In Santorini

The highlight of Santorini is the amazing Cave pools. Most of hotels have luxurious facilities and pools conceived to pamper you and elevate your senses!

Assos: The Greek Village That Looks Like A Painting

Let's explore one of the most beautiful Villages of Greece (Assos, Kefalonia Island) that seems like it came out from a watercolor!

Cape Sounio – The temple of Poseidon

On the southern edge of Attica, where the attic sky meets the Aegean Sea, lies the magnificent cape of Sounio, ready to take your breath away.

Top 10 Infinity Pools in Santorini

The breathtaking view to Caldera is not the only impressive thing in Santorini Island. These are the most luxurious pools with their amazing Views!

Elafonissi (Crete) voted on the Top Beaches in the World

Elafonissi is one of the most beautiful destinations of Crete Island, Greece!

Plaka: A Greek Island in the heart of Athens

Let's go for a walk in Plaka, the oldest neighborhood of Athens.

Gemista recipe – (Stuffed Tomatoes & Peppers with rice)

Gemista is one of the most delicious dishes of Greece, a perfect food for the summer.

Skiathos Airport, The “Saint Martin” of Greece

Due to this, it is a very popular runway to watch flights landing and taking off at close quarters. Skiathos has often been dubbed "the Greek Saint Martin"

Greece Independence Day Parade in New York

Watch live as thousands of Greek Americans gather in New York City to celebrate Greek Independence with a massive parade on 5th Ave!

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