Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Ancient Greece

The Ancient Greeks were about more than togas and giving the middle finger. Here's 10 fascinating facts about the ancient Greece.

This is the Most Incredible Basejump Site in World: Navagio Beach, Zakynthos Island

Watch this unreal Greece's Basejump spot: The world famous Navagio beach!

Dolphins Love Greece (video-photos)

Sailing with dolphins in Greek Islands. Jumping up and down & seemed to be happy. An awesome video showing how much Dolphins love Greece!

Newborn Baby Turtles in Zakynthos Island

These newborn Baby Turtles giant loggerhead are making their way to the sea in the early morning at Kalamaki beach in Zakynthos Island!

Maria Menounos’ Best Moments (videos+photos)

There are many Greeks in the USA. They are either professionals or actors that are working hard to prove themselves. Maria Menounos is one of them!

Porto Katsiki beach – the clearest Waters of Greece

Lefkada is a beautiful Greek Island that belongs to the Ionian Sea. Porto Katsiki beach is known for its green landscapes and beautiful waters!

‘Lucifer’ Heatwave strikes Greece

Dubbed ‘Lucifer’ the heatwave is expected to hit Greece and the Greek Island as of this week with temperatures expected to reach a high 43°C!

The amazing August (super) Full Moon over Greece

Sky-gazers in Greece will enjoy a double astronomical treat on Monday as the August full moon will be followed by a partial lunar eclipse!

7 Things Greek people Do Best

The Greeks created countless things and have an impact in the modern World. There are definitely some things that the Greeks still do best!

Greece breaks record with Visitors and Tourists arriving in the Greek Islands

Greece was visited by 3.2 million global visitors last August (2017), breaking all time records and highlighting the Tourism sector’s growth...

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