A 2,000-year-old Computer called the Antikythera Mechanism helped the ancient Greeks understand the Universe...

The oldest computer in the world created in Ancient Greece and was under the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera for more than 2,000!

Greece’s Beaches Rank 2nd in World

Greece is a number one destination for vacation-goers wishing to relax, visit ancient ruins and beautiful beaches the country has to offer - See more >>

The 6 “Most Greek” Cities in America

There are Greeks in abundance throughout the United States, however, there are some cities that are known for their “Greekness”..!

Chania – The Romantic Old Town in Crete

Chania is the second largest city on Crete Island (Kreta) in Greece. It is known for its beautiful narrow alleys and very well preserved old town!

Why Is The Greek Flag Blue And White?

The Greek flag is more than just an official state flag. Let's find out the meaning behind the beautiful colours and the desing of the Greek flag!

Canal D’Amour: the beautiful beach of Corfu Island

Canal D’Amour beach is considered to be a miracle of the Mother Nature. It located in Corfu and it is visited annually by a large amount of tourists!

Lichadonisia: The Greek Bahamas (video)

Lichadonisia is a complex of small Islands which locals call the "Greek Bahamas".. an ecologically protected area, once inhabited, but now deserted!

10 Amazing Cave Pools In Santorini

The highlight of Santorini is the amazing Cave pools. Most of hotels have luxurious facilities and pools conceived to pamper you and elevate your senses!

Assos: The Greek Village That Looks Like A Painting

Let's explore one of the most beautiful Villages of Greece (Assos, Kefalonia Island) that seems like it came out from a watercolor!

Cape Sounio – The temple of Poseidon

On the southern edge of Attica, where the attic sky meets the Aegean Sea, lies the magnificent cape of Sounio, ready to take your breath away.

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