Spring SNOW blankets large parts of Greece

Millions of Greeks woke up on Thursday, only to see a completely white and wintry scene outside of their houses, amid the strict coronavirus lockdown!

China sends 1 Million surgical Masks to Greece

A shipment of medical supplies provided by the Chinese government to Greece, at the urgent request of the Greek government, arrived in Athens on Saturday,

Earthquake (5.6R) hits GREECE as the Country battles with Coronavirus

Several old buildings collapsed from a 5.6 magnitude earthquake that hit northwestern Greece in the early hours of Saturday.

Coronavirus Cases in Greece rises to 73 – Emergency Measures in Place

28 new cases of the Covid19 coronavirus were diagnosed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday according to announcements made by Greek health authorities.

Coronavirus Cases in Greece rises to 31

21 new cases of infection with the Covid19 coronavirus were recorded in Greece, making the overall number of victims in the country spike to 31.

Greece Confirms 1st Case of Coronavirus

Greek authorities on Wednesday confirmed the 1st case of coronavirus in the country.

Kostas Voutsas – Greek Movies and TV Icon Dies at 88

Kostas Voutsas, one of the best actors of his generation and an icon for Greek cinema and television, dies early on Wednesday. He was 88.

Greece Issues Commemorative Coins for the 2500th anniversary of Battle of Thermopylae

Greece will soon issue two commemorative coins to mark 2500 years since the historic battle of Thermopylae, fought in 480 BC. Their official announcement took place recently in Berlin, Gremany, during the event called...

Celine Dion to perform Live in Greece for the first time

Greek music lovers will get the chance to watch Celine Dion perform for the first time in the country as the Canadian superstar kicks off her “Courage” world tour.

Greek Chickpea Soup recipe

This soup /stew is another one of those comfort foods served during the winter. Nourishing, warm, flavorful and filling this Greek Chickpea soup!

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