Hurricane VICTORIA to hit Greece from Tomorrow

Greece must brace itself for a new storm!

Heavy Rainfall Floods Crete Island & damages Road network

A heavy rainstorm in Chania, Crete, on Sunday night flooded homes and businesses, destroyed greenhouses, caused landslides and has several villages isolated.

Rare Weather Phenomenon Called a “Roll Cloud” spotted in Athens

A spectacular weather phenomenon called a “roll cloud” was spotted north of Athens by a group of amateur meteorologists as rainstorms hit Athens.

Agios Dimitrios – Thessaloniki’s Beloved Patron Saint

St Dimitrios is one of the most popular Christian saints across the Orthodox Christian world, with millions of people bearing his name, in all of its variations.

October and Still Summer in Greece ☼ 30ºC

The weather in Greece has been more reminiscent of June than October, as temperatures remain high and glorious sun continues to shine all across the country.

Greek Island draw a Gigantic Flag of Greece

A gigantic Greek flag was installed recently on the slopes of a hill overlooking the island of Oinousses in the eastern Aegean Sea!

Ryanair launches 14 new Routes in Greece for summer 2020

Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, launched its Greek Summer 2020 schedule with 14 new summer routes to destinations such as France, Italy and Germany.

Powerful Earthquake 4.5R – Shakes Zakynthos island

A new 4.3R magnitude earthquake has hit southeast of the Greek Island of Zakynthos, according to a preliminary reading by the US Geological Survey!

Massive Cloud on the Skies above Athens, Greece

As weather conditions in Greece have continued to deteriorate since the early hours of Thursday, a massive storm cloud was spotted in the skies above Athens!

BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake (5.4R) hits Rhodes Island

Α 5.2-magnitude Earthquake shook the Greek Island of Rhodes, in Greece’s Dodecanese islands archipelago, on Thursday morning at 07:44 am.

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