Heatwave with up to 42°C to strike Greece

Air temperature above 40 degrees Celsius, humidity and wind stillness will be the characteristics of the weather expected in Greece in the next days.

Greece creates 1st Dolphin Sanctuary in the World

The world’s 1st permanent sanctuary for dolphins who have been rescued was founded by the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation...

Heatwave with 40°C to hit Greece the next Days

Sweltering temperatures are expected to prevail throughout Greece in the coming days, reaching 39 to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)...

Christiano Ronaldo is enjoying a Summer Holiday in Greece

Famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo and his family arrived for a well-deserved holiday at an exclusive resort in the southern Peloponnese on Wednesday!

300-Year Old ancient Village in Crete Turned into Resort

They renovated and restored the traditional houses, managing to turn them into a unique, modern, eco-friendly complex with rooms for tourist accommodation.

Greek Figs are among World’s Best Superfoods

Figs are widely known in the Mediterranean since the ancient times; thought to have been first cultivated in Egypt and then spread to Crete and Greece!

NEW Earthquake (4.1) shakes central Greece

Αn earthquake 4.1 on the Richter scale hit central Greece early on Thursday. The tremor, was felt in Athens City, struck at 12.54 am on Thursday in Elateia. The focal depth was 13.6 km with...

Mr Bean is enjoying a Summer Holiday in Greece

Rowan Atkinson is visiting the island of Crete for his summer holidays!

First Heatwave of 2019 with 40°C strikes Greece

Beaches around Greece this weekend are packed with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) and expected to rise the next days!

British Tourists charged 82€ for 8 Soft Drinks in Rhodes

‘Went to The Gate restaurant in Old Rhodes Town for a drink! The bill for eight soft drinks was €82 – €14 for a milkshake!!

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