Greek Girls plant Greek flag in Top of the World

Two brave Greek girls that are mountain climbers have the crazy idea to plant the Greek flag on top of the highest mountain peak in the world.

100,000 Banned Books used to Create Parthenon

In a symbolic & powerful way, an Argentinian artist named Marta Minujin used more than 100,000 books that have been banned to create Parthenon.

Falasarna – The beautiful long sandy Beach with Crystal Clear Waters in Crete, Greece...

Falasarna is a gorgeous sandy beach on the very north west tip of Crete Island (Kreta), in Chania region that is definitely worth a visit.

Greek Islands Inhabited by as few as 5 People only

You might be surprised to learn that some Greeks actually live on islands inhabited by as few as five to as much as around 200 people.

A new Heat-wave expected to “hit” Greece

According to the weather forecast a new heat wave is expected to hit Greece from Saturday. Temperature in many areas of Greece will reach 42°C once more.

Perissa beach in Santorini Island is among the Top 10 Black sand beaches in...

According to Perissa beach of Santorini Island ranks fifth (5th) in the list of the most beautiful black beaches around the World.

How to make a Greek frappe Coffee

Frappe is one of the most favourite Coffee among the Greek culture. It is simple to make and you will find it to be especially good in the hot summer!

Greek Feta – The World’s Healthiest Cheese

Feta is one of the most unique cheeses you can find and it is absolutely delicious.

In Greece they cook eggs in the sun as heatwave strikes with 45C

The temperatures are extremely high in the country of sun, Greece. Let us see together the cities, where the temperature is simply unbearable.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman & family holiday in Greece

The Hollywood stars very often choose Greece for their summer holidays.

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