Over 2000 Fires burned Greece this Summer

Greece’s fires burnt 23,500 hectares of forest this so-called "fire season", that is between May - August 2018. Alone on Zakynthos more than 45 fires!

Mini Heatwave with 40°C hits Greece in September

Summer is still here! Meteorologists forecast for Greece a mini heat wave in the middle of September with temperatures to reach 40 degrees Celsius!

Pebble Thieves are Ruining the Most Beautiful Beach in Greece

One perfect white pebble could cost you a fine of up to €1,000

Heatwave with 40°C sweeps across Greece in September

Winds down and temperatures up to 40°C, will be the characteristics of the weather expected in the next 2 days in some Greek Islands and places in Greece.

Europe will be Switching to Permanent Summer Time

EU Commission will abolish the changing of the clocks after an online survey showed that Europeans are in favour of staying permanently on "summer time".

Strong Earthquake (magnitude 5.1) hits Greece

A strong earthquake 5.1 on the Richter scale hit Greece on Friday morning at 10:12. There has been no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

Temperature will rise to 38°C this Week in Greece

After a rainy week, Summer is back again and temperatures are set to reach 38 °C in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and other Greek Island and areas of Greece.

Giant Waterspout Spotted in Santorini, Greece (video)

A giant waterspout was spotted near the a boat where Canadian dancer Kevin Myrlea was enjoying his summer vacation, in the Cyclades, Greece.

History of ION, Greece’s most popular Chocolate

Although the first chocolate recipe was manufactured in 1927, the company was formally incorporated in 1930, with the main location being in Piraeus...

Crete Island in Greece has The Oldest (3.000 years old) Olive Trees in the...

It is possible that Minoan hands in Ancient Crete, once gathered olives from the ancient trees that are still producing fruit today.

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