Rockslides in Navagio beach after 6.8R Earthquake in Zakynthos Island (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

Aerial footage posted by local TV shows the damage on the beach...

BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake (5.3R) hits Athens, Greece

According to the Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens, an earthquake hit near the Greek capital, Athens, at 14:13 local time.

Maria Menounos says her Wedding in Greece was an absolute ‘Fairytale’ (VIDEO+PICS)

“It was the most special day of my life,” she told US’ PEOPLE magazine.

Large Wildfire rage across Kefalonia Island

A big wildfire is raging on the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea and has got out of controls due to the gale force winds blowing with intensity of 10 Beaufort.

Don’t Tell the Italians – It was Greeks Who Invented Pizza

There is historical evidence that Greeks ate a flat bread called plakous, which was topped with olive oil, herbs, onion, cheese and garlic and baked in a mud oven..

Bad Weather in Greece – Storm Floods, Halkidiki & Thassos Island

Storms have flooded areas in Halkidiki, Kavala and the island of Thassos in northern Greece. At least two municipalities have been declared in a “state of emergency.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s Greek Orthodox faith

In case you didn't know. Actress/Musician/Producer Rita Wilson is a proud Greek-American and married to Tom Hanks.

Heatwave with 38°C sweeps across Greece

Winds down and temperatures up to 38°C, will be the characteristics of the weather expected in the next 2 days in some Greek Islands and places in Greece.

BREAKING NEWS: A Very Strong Earthquake (magnitude 6.7) hits Zakynthos Island in Greece

A very strong Earthquake (6.7 on the Richter scale) hit western and southern Greece on Friday (26/10) morning 02:07 local time.

25 Wildfires in Greece in Just 12 Hours

The Greek fire service was called to respond to 24 blazes from 6 am. to 7 pm

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