Boxer Ricky Hatton charged €920 for a Steak in Mykonos

Former boxer Ricky Hatton went slightly overboard on vacation in Mykonos Island just lately, spending almost a grand on a bit of meat.

Athens celebrates Liberation from Nazis

Athens celebrated it’s 73rd anniversary of its liberation from Nazi occupation forces. Celebrations commenced with a ceremony on the Acropolis!

National Geographic honours Greece, who they say “Changed The World” (VIDEO)

National Geographic released a documentary series: “Greeks changed the world!”

What is Filotimo? …to the Greeks is like breathing. A Greek is not a...

Filotimo is the only Greek Word that can't be translated.

Celebrating the Greek Language Day (February 2020)

February 9 is International Greek Language Day, where Greeks and non-Greeks celebrate the important role the Greek language has played in world culture.

New Powerfull Earthquake (5.4R) hits Crete Island

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake has hit the sea area between Crete and Kassos Island, according to a preliminary reading by the Greek Geological Survey!

8 Things You Should Know About Acropolis

The majority of the tourists in Athens, Greece, want only one thing: to visit the Acropolis. Let explore together 8 secrets of this ancient monument!

A Unique Church Without Roof In Greece

Lemnos is a Greek island located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. There the visitors can find a peculiar building; a church without roof!

10 famous Celebrities on Greek Islands for Summer 2018

Summer is here, and you can always count on spotting famous celebrities around the beautiful Greek Islands- especially in Mykonos...

On this Day in 2001, the 9/11 Terror Attack destroyed St. Nicholas Greek Church...

On 9/11 2001, 2 planes flew into the World Trade Center in NYC. As the buildings collapsed, the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was buried...

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