Greece ranked No1 Country in the World for a Sunny escape

The great local weather leaves expats wanting to stay in Greece forever and we are not surprised at all, as it is known to have the best climate in the world!

Top 10 Exotic Places in Greece

People all over the World prefer to spend their vacations in Greece because of the exceptional beauty of its landscapes. Explore Greece through our eyes!

6 Beautiful Places That Don’t Want Tourists

There are places in the globe who decided that they were better without the masses. Here are the places that have closed their doors to Tourists ...

Celebrities who visited Greece in the Past

Wherever tourism in Greece goes in the future, there will always be a special place for the Stars who first brought international glamor to Greece.

Extremely High Temperatures in Greece in May 2018

Early Heat-wave in Greece with temperature up to 34°C in the shadow.

Is this the Lost city of Alexander the Great?

Qalatga Darband (pictured) is being excavated by archaeologists at the British Museum who believe it may be the lost city of Alexander the Great.

‘Lord of the Rings’ Lefteris Petrounias Wins Another Gold Medal for Greece (video)

Greek gymnast Lefteris Petrounias won the gold medal in the still rings competition after a spectacular performance at the World Gymnastics Championships.

NASA’s Greek Girl, “Eleni Antoniadou”

Eleni is Co-Founder of “Transplants Without Donors” and Researcher at NASA

12 Most Romantic Small Towns in the World

Wondering where are the best romantic small towns around the World? Look no further! The top romantic small towns to visit are listed here!

Heat wave with above 40° Celsius to strike Greece

Get ready for a hell of a weather with temperatures reaching 40° Celsius!

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