New Powerfull Earthquake (5.4R) hits Crete Island

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake has hit the sea area between Crete and Kassos Island, according to a preliminary reading by the Greek Geological Survey!

12 Most Romantic Small Towns in the World

Wondering where are the best romantic small towns around the World? Look no further! The top romantic small towns to visit are listed here!

The unique beauty of Samaria Gorge in Greece

The gorge and the National park of Samaria in Crete island one of the longest ravines in Europe that offers one of the most spectacular hiking routes!

Don’t Tell the Italians – It was Greeks Who Invented Pizza

There is historical evidence that Greeks ate a flat bread called plakous, which was topped with olive oil, herbs, onion, cheese and garlic and baked in a mud oven..

The Greek Language

This video is all about the Greek language, its history and development, and some important features and information of the language.

If you can Walk for 500 miles, you could Visit 30 different Countries in...

Reddit found this map super interesting to the geographical boundaries of Vienna. Here is the list of countries that we have included in our final count.

11 Greek Foods you have to Try!

An In-Depth Video list of the 11 Must-Eat mouth watering Foods & Meals you have to Taste before leaving Greece and the magical Greek Islands!

Corfu Island celebrates Resurrection with the Traditional Pot smashing (video)

Thousands of locals and visitors celebrated the First Resurrection at noon on Holy Saturday with the traditional pot smashing ritual at the center of Corfu.

Strong Earthquake (4.9R) rocks the Greek Islands

A 4.9 magnitude earthquake has hit southeast of Pylos, according to a preliminary reading by the Greek Geological Survey.

Top 10 Most Delicious Foods In Greece

Greek food is very popular and for many is the sole reason to visit Greece. Below you'll find the most delicious traditional Greek dishes!

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