Top 10 Exotic Places in Greece

People all over the World prefer to spend their vacations in Greece because of the exceptional beauty of its landscapes. Explore Greece through our eyes!

2 people Dead as Violent Storms hits western Greece

A series of violent thunderstorms swept across most of the Ionian Greek Islands and western parts of the Greek mainland on Tuesday morning 24/9/2019.

Over 3000 Wildfires took places in Greece in 2017

Greece’s fires burnt 23,500 hectares of forest this so-called "fire season", that is between May - September 2017. Alone on Zakynthos more than 80 fires!

An Ancient Greek City is for Sale for $8.3 Million

A proper archaeological dig has never been performed at Bargylia, so it is unknown what treasures lie underneath the earth’s surface.

With this New Superhighway you can Travel with Car from Europe to USA

A Road Stretching To More Than 80% of The World – Russia Proposes a Superhighway That Will Take You From Europe to USA (10 Pics)...

Top 10 Most Famous handsome Greek Men

Top 10 Handsome Greek Men includes well-known Greek actors, singers, models and beauty pageant winner. We present to you the most hot Greek men!

Greek Feta – The World’s Healthiest Cheese

Feta is one of the most unique cheeses you can find and it is absolutely delicious.

Greece Beaches ranked Best in the World for 2018

It comes as no surprise that 3 of Greek beaches are ranked Europe’s best for this year, according to TripAdvisor released 2018 Travelers Awards!

Plaka: A Greek Island in the heart of Athens

Let's go for a walk in Plaka, the oldest neighborhood of Athens.

Greek Men voted the Best Looking Men in the World

Greek men Voted among the most Handsome and desirable in the World. Whatever you prefer, you will surely to find in our list with Top 10 Greek men.

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