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Mykonos vs Santorini – Which Greek Island Is Best?

If you had to choose between Santorini and Mykonos, which Greek island would you pick and why? In this Mykonos vs Santorini guide we compare the two

8 Famous Movies Filmed in Santorini

Here is a list with some of the most famous films ever made on this gorgeous island.

World Landmarks turns on Greece’s Colors to Celebrate the 200 Years of its Independence

Landmarks around the world will be illuminated in blue and white in honor of the Greek people and their struggle for freedom 200 years ago.

Powerful Earthquake (6.3R) strikes Central Greece

Buildings Collapse as strong Earthquake hits Greece!

Stray dog Puppies find Home in an Outdoor Nativity Scene in Greece

In a moving Christmas scene, stray puppies sought out shelter from the elements in an outdoor creche in the village of Neochori on Mount Pelion.

❤️ Pray for GREECE 🙏 2 Teenagers Killed as Powerful Earthquake and Tsunami Hit...

Two high school students were killed during the powerful earthquake, 7.0 on the Richter scale, which struck the Greek island of Samos on Friday afternoon.

Tsunami Warning in Greece as the Greek Island hit by powerful 6.7 tremor

Locals report that the sea swept away parked cars and motorcycles.

BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake (6.7R) rocks the Greece

Massive 6.7 quake strikes near Samos Island - buildings collapse in Turkey.The earthquake struck just off the coast of western Turkey on the Greek island of Samos in the eastern Aegean Sea, 11 miles...

Highest Number (508) of Covid-19 cases recorded in Greece

A record-breaking 508 cases of the coronavirus were diagnosed in the country over the last day, along with eight deaths in those who had suffered from the virus.

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