How to fall in Love with Corfu in 4 Days

You can not get bored on Corfu and views are unearthly. Read more!

Temperature will rise to 35°C this Week in Greece

After a rainy week Summer is back again and temperatures are set to reach 35 °C in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and other areas of Greece.

(Video) Sting: Once Again Greece Has Shown us How to be Civilized

Thank God for Greece Because you Have Shown the Way!

Greece faces Week of extreme Weather

A “remarkable” change in Greece’s weather is expected this week!

Nightmare returns as Floods hit Athens, Greece (photos,video)

The town of Mandra, west of Athens, where 24 people lost their lives last November during torrential rains and extreme flooding, was hard hit again.

Top 10 Colorful Towns To Visit In Europe

The many colorful Cities in Europe have long been a reason to visit regions, and countries, you perhaps might not have even considered visiting!

Top 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Europe

Planning a trip can never be complete if you don't add these 10 most romantic small towns in Europe in your vacation itinerary for Europe.

(Video) Flash Floods hit Athens, again

The Flash floods have devastated for a second time in less than a year (last November 2017) the town of Mandra in Attica, just outside Athens City.

If you can Walk for 500 miles, you could Visit 30 different Countries in...

Reddit found this map super interesting to the geographical boundaries of Vienna. Here is the list of countries that we have included in our final count.

Top 12 Charming Small Towns in Europe

If you're planning an upcoming getaway in Europe, here are just a few of the most beautiful towns in Europe. Pick a few to add to your itinerary...

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