Bridge Collapses in Greece (photos)

The drivers who were driving in Kavala, couldn’t believe their eyes as around 16:00 in the afternoon they witnessed a section of the bridge collapsing.

Earthquake (6.8R) shifted Zakynthos Island at least 5cm

The shift was mainly horizontal, while no significant vertical movement was found...

‘Lord of the Rings’ Lefteris Petrounias Wins Another Gold Medal for Greece (video)

Greek gymnast Lefteris Petrounias won the gold medal in the still rings competition after a spectacular performance at the World Gymnastics Championships.

While Europe braces heavy Snowfall The Sun still Shines in Greece in November

Snow hit all over Europe, creating chaotic conditions for transport while temperatures in most areas of Greece have been mild and pleasant!

Maria Menounos says her Wedding in Greece was an absolute ‘Fairytale’ (VIDEO+PICS)

“It was the most special day of my life,” she told US’ PEOPLE magazine.

The Greek Beach Bar with an Incredible moving Roof

Costa Navarino is in the region of Messinia in the southwest Peloponnese. It's home to the Barbouni restaurant -- and the moving-roof internet sensation.

Rockslides in Navagio beach after 6.8R Earthquake in Zakynthos Island (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

Aerial footage posted by local TV shows the damage on the beach...

Loukoumades (Greek Honey Puffs)

Loukoumades is one of the most popular and delicious desserts of Greece!

Italy Apologize for Declaring War to Greece in 1940

78 years after Italy’s declaration of war against Greece, the Italian President will officially apologize on behalf of the Italian people to Greece.

❤️ Pray For Greece 🙏 Earthquake 6.9 🙏

The Tow Earthquakes measured up to magnitude 7.0

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