Magical Mykonos: The Greek Island that has Something for everyone

For a slice of traditional charm and modern luxury, check out Mykonos..

Greek Islands voted as the 10 most Beautiful Places in the World

“Each of Greece’s more than 6,000 islands and islets offer exquisite panoramas. Lay on the cliff-led beaches of Zakynthos or travel across the mountains of Epirus,”

Porto Zorro Beach in Zakynthos Island, Greece, voted the Most Beautiful Beach in the...

The list of Cosmopolitan magazine with the best Beaches around the World was published, and it includes two beautiful Greek Islands beaches!

Map of Mykonos with major Places + Beaches

A detailed Map of Mykonos Island, showing main cities, villages, resorts, roads, towns and beaches. Find out where is Mykonos and get great travel ideas!

Symi – the little cosmopoitan Greek Island

Although Symi is not so well known, as it happens to be a small island, it has a cosmopolitan character that reflects influences from the past!

Dolphins Love Greece (video-photos)

Sailing with dolphins in Greek Islands. Jumping up and down & seemed to be happy. An awesome video showing how much Dolphins love Greece!

WWF tells Greece to “Save Zakynthos Paradise” from Oil companies

Greek government has allocated 17,000 sq klm of Zakynthos to oil companies, leading to activists to warn of the potential effects drilling for oil could have.

The Greek Islands are Voted ‘World’s Best’

The Greek islands were announced as this year’s best in the world at the annual Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Awards held in London!

The 10 Most beautiful Beaches in Corfu Island

Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and that is mainly thanks to its amazing beaches. Let's explore the most amazing together!

Top 5 idyllic Greek Islands you might never heard of

Greece has more the 6000 Greek Isless. Here are five Greek Islands most travelers propably have never even heard of, and why you should see them now.

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