8 Best Greek Islands You Have To Visit

Greece has over 2000 island (seriously!) that you can visit. With so many options, how can you decide?

Mykonos vs Santorini – Which Greek Island Is Best?

If you had to choose between Santorini and Mykonos, which Greek island would you pick and why? In this Mykonos vs Santorini guide we compare the two

Greece celebrates 72 Years since the Dodecanese Greek Islands joined the Country

The Dodecanese — the island archipelago which literally means ”The Twelve Islands” — officially joined their motherland of Greece 72 years ago today.

Greek Island draw a Gigantic Flag of Greece

A gigantic Greek flag was installed recently on the slopes of a hill overlooking the island of Oinousses in the eastern Aegean Sea!

WWF tells Greece to “Save Zakynthos Paradise” from Oil companies

Greek government has allocated 17,000 sq klm of Zakynthos to oil companies, leading to activists to warn of the potential effects drilling for oil could have.

Milos (Greece) voted Best Island of Europe for 2019

The Aegean islands of Milos and Crete have been voted, respectively, first and second Best Island of Europe for 2019 by American Travel + Leisure magazine.

Milos Island – a Dazzling Greek Island Treasure

Milos possesses a captivating colorful landscape with soft sandy beaches, underwater sea caves and reddish cliffs, having more than 75 exotic beaches!

Greek islands named Best in The World for 2019

The popular and highly regarded Condé Nast Traveller magazine have voted the Greek Islands as ‘Best islands in the World’ for the 2019 Travel Awards!

Greece among Top 10 most Beautiful Countries in the World

Known for its plethora of ancient ruins, whitewashed villages and sunny beaches it is no wonder that Greece ranks among World’s top travel destinations!

Greece named Best Cruise Destination in the World

Another distinction for Greece at the prestigious annual Wave Awards in London, where it was declared as the best cruise destination in the world for 2019.

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