If you are looking for some time of relaxation a few minutes away from the bustling city center of Athens, Sounio is the perfect destination for you. Simply because in Sounio you can combine a wonderful and educational walk through the archaeological sites with a delicious meal at the local taverns by the sea
The landmark of Sounio is the Temple of Poseidon located on the highest hill of the area!

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Its construction began in the 5th century BC and, although it was never completed, it makes one of the most popular attractions of Greece.

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Another important attraction of Sounio is the Temple of Athena, located on a smaller hill, very close to the Temple of Poseidon.

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It is actually a complex of two smaller temples, built around 600 BC. The Ionic columns and the remains of the statue dedicated to the protector of Athens will leave you speechless.

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Sounio is not only famous for its archaeological sites. Every year, thousands of people visit Sounio in order to admire the breathtaking sunset that fills the sky with lovely colors.

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If you are visiting Athens, do not miss the chance to rent a car or take the bus from the city center and visit this unique gem!