Located only 40 kilometres from the town of Corfu Canal D’Amour is considered to be a miracle of the Mother Nature. It lies between Sidari and Peroulades and it is an attractions visited annually by a large amount of tourists.
Its name means the Canal of Love and it is unique in the whole area of the Mediterranean.
It is a beach of exceptional beauty with unique characteristics. The rocks have different shades of yellow and lots of greenery at the top…

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One can reach these stunning coves through several paths and steps. With beautiful crystalline waters, the Canal of Love is one of the most unique spots in Corfu.

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Its white rocks have been taken circular formations due to the force of the sea reminding us an exotic destination. The beach is not recommended when it is windy. This beautiful place has, though, so many things to offer.

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Because of the force of the sea the rocks have been turned into peculiar circular formations that lie in several spots of the beach. Follow the paths and find more of these peculiar rocks with the interesting formations. In your way you can also find many coves or even caves.

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These “delicate” and bizarre rocks have also on them holes that have been made by the wind. Between these rocks there is an underground path that is ideal either for swimming or for hiking because the waters are not deep.

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The Canal took its name because of the story of the woman from France. She came here and discovered first the secret cave, where she had the chance to be with her lover.

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Because of that fact it is now considered that each couple that crosses the canal together will stay in love forever!