Greece’s Foreign Minister George Katrougalos sent an official letter to his British counterpart Jeremy Hunt on Wednesday.

In it, the foreign minister informed Great Britain of Greece’s stance in case the UK leaves the European Union on March 29 without an agreement with Brussels.
Greece will greatly miss the UK, as it was part of the common European family for decades. The Greek Foreign Minister emphasized Greece’s determination to continue the longstanding cooperation between the two countries.
”Greek and UK citizens who chose to live, study and work in each others’ countries will continue to do so without obstacles.” British people they “will fully enjoy similar, if not identical, rights as before the British withdrawal.”The Greek government’s assurance on the status of Britons in Greece was warmly welcomed by the British Ambassador to Greece, Kate Smith.
The ambassador posted on Twitter that she is ”delighted that the Greek Government has confirmed that in the event of no deal, the rights of UK nationals already living in Greece will be fully recognized and guaranteed.”