If you are a frequent visitor of the Greek beaches, you may think that you have already seen all. These facts will prove you wrong. This “hidden” beach will simply amaze you. Its name is the “Beach of Saint Stefan” and it is located in the island of Crete.
You can have easy access to the beach, if you drive from the town of Chania, as it is only two kilometers away.
There, near to the region “Seitan Harbors” lies this beautiful beach. It is also situated near to the village of Hordaki, where you can find traditional delicacies…

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The name of the beach is “Seitan” and comes from the Turkish word “seitan”, which means “satan”. The name characterizes the harbors there as cursed because it is very risky to be reached.

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If you visit the nearby region, you could also see the other bays that surround this majestic place. Do not lose the chance and come here to swim in its crystal waters.

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The scenery is breathtaking, as there are many rocks and wild flora. The power of nature will amaze you. Do not forget to get with you your camera in order to have some photos of the gorge that is also situated there. The gorge is called Diplochachalo and worth definitely a visit.

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This magical beach is well-known to the residents of the nearby villages, who are trying to keep it clear and beautiful. If you love hiking, you can also visit the beach by following the path that the locals has made. Wear your comfortable sneakers, take your towel with you and come to enjoy its turquoise waters!