The continuous rainfall and strong winds that started on Friday across Greece caused blackouts in areas in Attica due to damages in the Laurion power station.

Other areas that were hit hard by the stormy weather were Crete, Peloponnese, and Naxos island. In Crete, the downpour was so hard that the Myrtos Bridge in Ierapetra area is in danger of collapsing, according to locals..
In Attica Athens, certain towns and neighborhoods getting power from the Laurion station had no electricity for short periods of time. Holargos, Zografou, Argyroupolis, Mati, Gerakas, Pallini and Rafina all had short blackouts.
The rainfall that started Friday night and continued through Saturday afternoon created problems in the suburbs of Athens (68 millimeters), 85 millimeters on Naxos, 73 millimetres in Iraklion, Crete and 70 in Peloponnese.According to the National Observatory of Athens, most of Greece will experience downpours through early Sunday afternoon..
Also, NOA warned of gale-force winds reaching up to 9 Beaufort in the Ionian Sea, as well as large clouds of dust coming in from Africa, affecting southern Greece.