Kefalonia is one of the loveliest and greenest islands of the country and it is true that every single corner is unique. There is one village, though, that will immediately steal your heart. Assos is located on the northwestern coast of the island, a few km north from Myrtos beach. It is constructed amphi-theatrically above the peninsula of the same name, surrounded by cypresses and pine cone trees.
It is a traditional settlement, built according to the traditional Ionian architecture, and offers one of the loveliest landscapes, not only of the island but of the whole country!

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When you arrive in Assos you will be stunned by the feast of colors. The scenic houses are colorful, the bougainvilleas are in bloom all year long, the waters are turquoise and crystal clear and the trees have a unique shade of green.

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The most important attraction of Assos is the beautiful castle, one of the most noted of the island. It was built during the 15th century in order to protect the villagers from a possible pirate invasion. It was later used as a prison and today you can admire its impressive remains.

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Being a fishing village, Assos will not disappoint you as far as food is concerned. Freshly caught fish and seafood are served at the local taverns, after a relaxing swimming in the lovely picturesque beach of the village. Start planning your stay in Assos and remember: power up your cameras.