It’s possible to buy an ancient Greek city, complete with ruins, for $8.3 million.

The ancient city of Bargylia, in modern day Bogazici, Turkey, is up for sale in an effort to protect the ancient archaeological site from decay and treasure hunters.
The site’s theater, acropolis, fortification walls, and necropolis make up a Grade 1 archaeological site which dates back to the first century B.C.
Greek mythology says the city was founded in honor of Bargylos, who was killed when he was kicked by the winged horse Pegasus.The ancient city is about 81.5 acres and has been private property since 1927, but it has been falling into disrepair. A long-abandoned monastery in Bargylia now serves as an animal shelter and cows graze among the ruins.
Because it is a Grade 1 archaeological site, no construction is permitted on property. But new owner may seek to downgrade that status and build a resort on the ruins.
Archaeologists are hoping that Greece’s Culture and Tourism Ministry will step in and buy the site to protect the artifacts buried there.