According to the news, archaeologists have found a 1500-year-old Christian mosaic floor having Greek writings on it. The mosaic has been found next to the city’s Damascus Gate in east Jerusalem.The mosaic has been discovered accidentally, while some workers were trying to lay a cable network.
While they were digging on the ground, they found this ancient masterpiece. Immediately the archaeological agency has been called in order to find out more about the Greek inscription.The inscription was deciphered by the Hebrew University’s Dr. Leah Di Segni, who is an expert on this matter. According to the deciphering process, the inscription reads, “In the time of our most pious emperor Flavius Justinian, also this entire building Constantine the most God-loving priest and abbot, established and raised, in the 14th induction.
Di Segni thinks that this inscription was written to commemorate the founding of the construction. It is very beautiful to see that fragments of ancient cultures can still be found among the current ones!