Greece’s bathing waters are among the cleanest in Europe according to the European Environment Agency that tracks water quality.

95.9% of bathing waters in Greece are of excellent quality, according to the annual report on Europe’s bathing waters by the European Environment Agency.
That percentage is the fourth highest in Europe – a result that is even more impressive when one considers that in the countries with higher percentages – Luxembourg, Malta and Cyprus – far fewer sites were tested than in Greece.
The report concerns the 28 countries of the EU and Switzerland and Albania.
In Greece, a total of 1,598 sites were tested (only three of which concerned rivers or lakes, the remainder were coastal swimming spots) over a period of 5 months.
According to the report 97% had excellent or good quality swimming waters; for many of the remaining 3% classification was not possible due to an insufficient data. No bathing site in Greece was found to have poor quality waters.