Like every other country, Greece has its own traditions and ways that you need to know in order you have a nice stay without problems.Traveling in Greece is always a unique experience. But here are some of the top things to avoid doing in Greece.
Your trip will be happier, safer, healthier and more enjoyable if you follow these tips.

Greece is A Fantastic Destination – Except for…

First of all don’t under dress for church. Bare legs and bare arms are not really appreciated, especially during services.

Don’t Overpack

You won’t need all the things you think. Tate just the necessary things and enjoy your time in Greece without extra weigh.

Don’t Try to Learn to Drive in Greece

In Greece there are other ”road rules” than your hometown and the Greek drivers have some attitude.

Don’t Turn Down an Invitation Home

Many Greeks, can be hospitable and invite you in for coffee or give you fruit out of their garden. Don’t turn down these opportunities to share a moment together.

Things Not to Do in Greece – Worry About the Language

Almost everyone under the age of 50 will have had English in school and will know enough to communicate on a basic level.

Cram In An Extra Island

Island-hopping trips in Greece can be one of the best ways to experience the country and see as many charming islands as you can.

Cut that Return to Athens Too Close

Your ferry could suffer mechanical problems, or be stuck in port due to weather, so it’s better to live urban experience of Athens for a day.

Don’t Try This At Home? Maybe Not in Greece, Either

There are numerous adventurous activities but a broken bone can ruin your vacation in more ways than one, so be careful.