8 Greek Universities are amongst the best in the World Academic Ranking List for 2019, which was assessed by the Higher Education World University Rankings.

Of the 8, the University of Crete is ranked first, while this year’s list also includes the University of Thrace. The University of Crete maintains the rank of 351-400.National Kapodistrian University of Athens maintains the position of 501-600 and ranks 5th among the Greek universities.
In 3rd place is the University of the Aegean, holding a world ranking of 601-800, followed by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, placed in the 601-800 spots…The Athens University of Economics and Business fell to 5th from 3rd spot last year.
Tthe University of Ioannina is ranked 6th and fell in the world ranking to 601-800. The University of Patras fell from the 601-800 ranks to 801-1000.

Japan is the most represented country on the list with 103 universities.