Seeing just one waterspout is thought by many to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but one lucky boat passenger managed to capture 4 in these amazing pictures.Italian Roberto Giudici managed to take the pictures while sailing off the Greek Island of Orthoni, in the Ionian Sea, when a huge storm blew up over night.
The morning light then revealed this stunning scene of the four waterspouts, which develop in a similar way to tornadoes but are usually far weaker.The pictures were taken in 1999 but have only come to light after they appeared on a NASA website.
Mr Giudici, who now lives in Rennes, France, said: ‘We were about a mile away from the nearest one, I asked the captain if they were dangerous as we were heading towards them.
Mr Giudici said these were not the only waterspouts he saw while on the boat. ‘I could count at least 10 on the starboard and some on the port side and they lasted for about four minutes each. ‘The photo shows actually the first waterspout as being the youngest and the latter very thin and the oldest, ready to disappear’.