Aspros Potamos (White River) is a settlement in Crete, in the regional unit of Lasithi, whose history and past are blending nicely with modern-day entrepreneurship, offering its lucky visitors an unforgettable experience.

A few years ago, this ancient, village was turned into a resort, where traditional cottages and small hotels now dot the area. All are in complete harmony with the surrounding environment as well as the region’s history.
Aspros Potamas village is said to have been quite a bit larger in size before repeated pirate attacks forced its inhabitants to leave their beautiful village in an effort to find refuge from the lawless maritime rogues.
After the abandonment of the village, all one could find there were a few ancient olive trees, abandoned buildings — and of course, no tourists whatsoever.
They renovated and restored the traditional houses, managing to turn them into a unique, modern, eco-friendly complex with rooms for tourist accommodation.
For the hiker or nature lover, for the world explorer — or just someone who is tired of the stressful routine of the big city — Aspros Potamos is an idyllic, remote oasis which is an absolute gem for the discerning traveler to Crete.