Tragedy in Greece: 3 people die when Fire breaks out in Home and spreads in multi-store building

A fire in a 5-store building in Katerini, left behind 3 people dead. 2 elder brothers and the daughter. Fire brigades evacuated 8 more people.The fire broke out in the apartment of the first floor around 5 o’ clock on Sunday morning and spread quickly.
Firefighters called in by neighbors found a charcoaled body in the first floor and two bodies in the apartment of the second floor.Dead are a 78-year-old man, his brother 81 and his daughter, 43.
According to preliminary reports, the 81-year-old man and his daughter most probably died after inhaling the toxic fire fumes.
Most of the building residents were in their balconies seeking for help. The Fire Brigades evacuated the eight residents of the buildings. among them a baby.

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