A series of violent thunderstorms swept across most of the Ionian Greek Islands and western parts of the Greek mainland on Tuesday morning.

Two men have died so far as a result of the storms. A 35-year old Pakistani national succumbed near the town of Lehaina in the regional unit of Elia, in the western Peloponnese, after he was struck by lightning.
The unfortunate victim was transferred to the Health Center of Gastouni, where doctors declared him dead. Another man, aged 56, died in Kyparissia, in the regional unit of Messinia, after he was struck by a lightning too.
The unusually turbulent weather in Greece for this time of year has resulted in property damage and flooding, mainly in the city of Pyrgos and on the island of Kefalonia.

Streets were flooded in Pyrgos and in the village of Agia Euphemia on Kefalonia, and the fire service was called to assist homeowners whose houses had become inundated with the floodwaters.