Granny Stavroula just entered the 107th year of her long and fulfilled life. She lives in a small picturesque house in the village Ano Myrtia in Greece.

She lives in the so-called other Greece of fresh air, locally produced food, less stress. Not that the granny has a life without troubles.
In 1943, she had to bury one son with her own hands. He was killed during the Battle of Myrtia, when the Nazis bombarded her village and the broader area.
There are no reported casualties but the quake was strong enough to worry locals in Zakynthos and the neighboring Greek islands. But she came through.Apart from a problem with hearing, she claims she never got sick, never took medicine, never had to seek a doctor. Sometime ago, she fell and hurt her arm.
She did not go to doctor but used a very old tradition of healing broken bones and similar wounds: she put two wooden sticks under her arm and wrapped up it tight. The arm was healed.

When she suffers some minor health issues, she says that she consults a book she obtains in the 1950’s with “36 recipes of the Monk” written by Father Gymnasios.

For her longevity, she praises most of all the life in the village.

“Here life is simple. Everything is simple. The air is clean. What you eat is pure. Stress has no place here and the money has less value in this place.”