Panagioula is one of the few older women who have lived in Greece since she was 105, giving her the opportunity to claim a position in the Guinness Book!

Whole white hair like snow, a playful smile that illuminates her shiny face, two eyes that still shine and have experienced world wars until the current economic crisis.
Yet she remains innocent at the age of 105, her calm life in the nursing home of Kalymnos, with the title of one of the oldest women in Greece.
The lover Panagiota (Panagioula) Stefanidakis from Kalymnos was born in early October 1914, according to the official individual documents of that time.It is remarkable that during the long duration of her difficult life she has earned 50 (!) Grandchildren, 87 (!) Grandparents and 2 triplets, a performance that is certainly a record and could possibly give her a place in the Guinness Book.