Mykonos has become synonym with the word “party”. It is located in the archipelago of Cyclades and it has become extremely famous recently.

Many famous Hollywood actors and stars prefer the Greek “island of the airs” for their summer exactly offers this cosmopolitan island, though? Life, party and many different people from all around the globe, which is the right answer!
If you are a party-animal, here is the place to be! Read our article and be prepare for the ultimate party experience!

1. Mykonos, the ultimate summer destination

The population of the island varies greatly. The permanent residents on the island are estimated to 15,000, while the tourists in summer are 50,000!

2. The legend behind the name

According to the Greek mythology, the island of Mykonos was named after its first ruler, who was called Mykons and was a dependent of the Greek god Apollo.

3. Another mythology fact

It is also said that Mykonos was the very place, where the father of all the Greek gods, Zeus, won the Titans.

4. Mykonos, the place-to-be

Nowadays many celebrities and famous people visit the island. Among them are even famous artists and politicians.

5. Change in history

In the past Mykonos was a very poor island. After the end of WWII, the situation has changed, as tourism has become the main source of income for the island.

6. The touristic sector

Tourism is the biggest source of income for Mykonos. The locals know that fact and try to attrct as many tourists they can. The hotel sector benefits from approximately 50,000 people annually.

7. The Venetian era

The landmark of the island is their windmills. The windmills were mainly built by the Venetians in the 16th century.

8. Party, party, party

As we have already said, Mykonos is a dancing paradise. There is life both at the day and night because of the numerous beach bars that exist on the island.

9. LGBT friendly

Mykonos is known around the world for being a LGBT-friendly destination! Many travel agencies use to mention that, as there are plenty of special events.

10. The natural beauties

On the island, you will have the chance to visit one of the most gorgeous beaches in entire Greece. Do not lose this opportunity!