Mediterranean Cyclone (Medicane) IANOS is forecast to hit Greece in the next 24 hours, meteorologists and Civil Protection is warning.

In a breaking new appearance on Wednesday, the head of Civil Protection warned citizens of the rare but extra powerful and dangerous weather phenomenon, a Medicine, that is forecast to strike initially the western parts of the country.
Mediterranean cyclone, Medicine IANOS, the phenomenon with the deep low barometric pressure,  is forecast to hit initially western Greece on Thursday.
According to the RED ALERT warning issued by the National Meteorological Service EMY, the main features of Ianos will be heavy rainfall, particularly in the Ionian Sea, thunderstorms, and strong gale-force winds, especially at sea.

Meteorologists underline that due to the uncertainty of forecasts in the transitional seasons and due to the present position of the atmospheric disturbance, which is over the sea, it is not yet clear what trajectory it will follow in Greece.